Dear Readers,

Welcome to Arting the Ancients! An illustrative blog purposefully designed to visually guide you through the ancient world.

Why Arting the Ancients? What’s different about this blog?

Good Question!

Arting the Ancients incorporates Modern Art with Ancient History. We want to inspire you, teach you and hopefully become your weekly digital time-sink!

We hope to capture your imagination with the beautiful work of our resident artist, Beth Street, while also teaching you more about Ancient History! Your visual journey will kick off with a collection of custom illustrated posts based on age-old stories from Greek mythology. Ancient Greece not your thing? Don’t worry! There is much more to come!

Is there a story, person or place you want to learn more about? Let us know!

Our Main Contributors:

If you’re interested in meeting our main contributors, please check out their short bio’s below:


Lana is the Project Director and Lead Content Developer of Arting the Ancients. Lana is currently studying a Bachelor of Ancient History, assisting with student mentoring programs and working full time (It’s a LOT!). Lana has a passion for Ancient Studies and Archaeology. “I started this project with the end goal of making antiquity accessible to the public. I want to create a collaborative space to show off the work of dedicated artists and historians.”


Beth is the Artistic Director and Resident Artist of Arting the Ancients. She is a digital illustrator and painter based in Australia. Beth recently graduated from Central St Martins Art University of London. “I focus my work around the ‘weird’ and ‘ugly’. I like to bring joy to what gives people the creeps, show beauty in what we are sometimes afraid of.”

You can see Beth’s other work and Etsy profile below:


Hannah is Arting the Ancients Resident Academic and Chief Editor. Hannah has a Bachelor of Ancient History and Master of Research in History and Archaeology. Hannah currently teaches Ancient History and Archaeology at a leading Australian University. She is super passionate about making the ancient world accessible and loves to be creative. Hannah also coordinates mentoring programs and is keen to help you enjoy learning about the ancient past


Rose is a co-writer for Arting the Ancients and is passionate about Ancient History, books, writing and travel. She is currently studying her undergraduate degree in Ancient History and hopes to one day become a Primary School teacher and/or Museum Curator. Rose is passionate about documenting experiences through writing as a creative tool that stimulates her critical thinking and challenges her imagination. She intends to enrich your knowledge across diverse areas of history through a platform that is motivated by her love of learning about the past to better shape the future. ​At the heart of Rose’s writing is a dynamic, uplifting perspective that aims at tackling some of history’s greatest triumphs and grievances alike! 

Collaboration: Our Future Vision

Collaboration with Ancient History enthusiasts and artists is a huge part of our overall vision!

We want to pioneer an inclusive project which involves guest writers and illustrators joining us on our historical endeavours. 

Need to add something to your portfolio? Just genuinely interested in Ancient History? Let us know! Please note, however, that this project is not currently funded, so all guest appearances are on a voluntary basis.

We really look forward to starting this journey with you and hope you enjoy it just as much as we do!

Lana, Beth, Hannah and Rose

The Arting the Ancients Team 

2 responses to “Welcome”

  1. This is so cool we’ll done girls, proud of you Allanah xx

  2. Brilliant girls I am sure it will be very interesting.

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